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Rules/Posting Guidelines


1) You may Join and Submit freely but we ask that you submit into the correct folders. If you have art or a picture to submit and there is no appropriate folder, please send a note with a desired folder. You will be directed to the correct folder after that. Please avoid submitting to the Featured folder until an acceptable practice can be decided on.

2) All styles/mediums of related artwork are welcome. Related material covers two or more identical twins/clones/duplicates/doppelgangers of women interacting in some manner (ranging from combative to sexual themes and more).

3) We want to avoid submissions that feature insufficient interaction, don't feature/focus on women, and/or conjoinment genre art to maintain the groups focus as well as the fact that there are already existing communities that cater to these specific things.

4) All types of related work are welcome. Nudity, sexual themes, gore, etc. Just try to use the mature content settings appropriately so we don't have any offended viewers.

5) 18+ age members might wish to explore more TOH related resources at our official affiliated forum:

and interactive story feature:

At current, that is all the rules we have. If anything else becomes needed, this section will be updated.

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

COMMISSION: Exalted Kiss by jadenkaiba

Mature Content

Two-of-Her Art Contest Concluded! by BlueVersusRed
RvB by TovioRogers
Blueversusred.Net 5 year Anniversary Wallpaper by BlueVersusRed
Anime and Manga Characters
Launch Kissing Launch? by MegatronMan

Mature Content

The 4 clones Chiaki Kurihara-commision The Creeper by Cesaru33

Mature Content

Commission - Mako Animation by Zero-Q

Mature Content

Commission - Elizabeth Animation by Zero-Q
Video Game Characters

Mature Content

Felicia Threesome by ThePsychoDog
Mercy - Devils Set by LGMODS
Commission: Tracer's back by darkelfslair

Mature Content

Elizabeth 01 nude c by mssp1295
Movie Characters
Elsacest wedding drawing 3 by Arendellecitizen
Annacest wedding drawing 2 by Arendellecitizen
Elsacest wedding drawing 2 by Arendellecitizen
Double Sadako by Bigoutman
Comic Characters

Mature Content

Fourplay Submission by TrekkieGal

Mature Content

Fourplay POV by TrekkieGal
COM: Fourplay by TrekkieGal
Fourplay Incentive by TrekkieGal
TV and Cartoon Characters
Wendy's Personalities by Bearquarter2008
AbrilxAbril spice-commission by droid1 by Cesaru33
AprilXAbril yuri commission by droid1 by Cesaru33

Mature Content

Shower Surprise by DocOtto
Original Characters

Mature Content

Mini Jeny Censored Double Penetrated 1 by pawpaw60

Mature Content

Not fair ...! by SiZE-MaTTERz
Love Yourself by Hikusaa

Mature Content

Game of Clones by robandodeveras
Photo and Cosplay
Avril Lavigne Clones 3 by morgoth12345
Bar Refaeli Clones 1 by morgoth12345
Emilia Clarke Clones 1 by morgoth12345
Gal Gadot Clones 2 by morgoth12345
Sequential Art
Polly and Spring Discussion 03 by gatesjillianwriter
Polly and Spring Discussion 04 by gatesjillianwriter
Polly and Spring Discussion 05 by gatesjillianwriter
Polly and Spring Discussion 06 by gatesjillianwriter
Original Literature
Fanfic Literature

Mature Content

Furry Characters
Yin And Yang  - Relaxing on a grass by Gexon
Hey guys, great to see some of the BVR forum crowd trickle over. I'm still muddling through all the functionality of the DA groups thing so please bear with me as I explore the settings available. Also please let me know if something is not working correctly or anything ok?

That being said, let's populate the gallery!

There doesn't seem to be a lot of places to discuss stuff as a group so I'll use this blog entry to help focus our efforts.

Posting: A bunch of images were posted into the favourites category, however I found that the regular gallery and the favourites gallery did not seem to be able to share images between themselves so I thought it best to just remove the favourite category altogether.

From now on, please post stuff to the regular gallery for the sake of my sanity (or if you can please place the pic into the correct category already, that'd be great).

Content: I'd like to suggest some guidelines as to the content we post into the group to help keep this group relevant and maintain its focus (at least for now).

Some suggested guidelines:
- twinned/cloned characters in the image should be interacting in some manner. They could be touching, or arguing, or whatever - we probably want to avoid works that just show copy/pasted stuff
- There are a few images featuring the conjoined genre submitted and while the argument can be made for it's relevance, my concern is that there are already established groups/communities that cater to this genre already and inclusion will generally muddle our distinction.

The gallery folders were selected based on momentary convenience, if anyone has a better idea on how the gallery folders should be organized please let me know :D
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